Equipment & Crew

We provide and arrange all the tools for your High end production and equipment play a major role into it. Should you require a Hi-definition OR 4K OR 2K camera OR a 35mm camera OR Prime Lenses OR Broadcast Video Lenses OR Edit Suites, we can arrange the best for you. We offer rental packages to suit your requirement and budget.

We have highly skilled crew available for our clients. Having years of experience and expertise in handling all the latest formats, we assure you that they will be a delight to work with.

# Below is not an exhaustive list of equipment. Please send us your specific requirements for equipment in case you don’t get to see your pick in the list below and we will get it for you


  • Blackmagic 4K camcorder
  • Sony FS-7 4K Camcorder
  • Canon C-500 and C-300 HD camcorder
  • Red Digital Cinema Camera / Red Epic Camcorder
  • Sony PDW-800 HD Camcorder
  • PMW-500 / 350 / 200 HD Camcorder
  • Canon 1DC / 5D Mark III HD Camcorder
  • Go Pro Hero 4 and 3 HD Camcorder


  • Canon CP 2 lenses
  • Canon EF Lenses
  • Red Pro / Ultra Prime lenses
  • Broadcast Video Tele / Zoom Lenses


  • Sound Device 664 Portable 6-Channel Audio Mixer
  • Sound Device 552 Portable 5-Channel Audio Mixer and Stereo Recorder
  • Sound Devices 702T HR 2-channel Field Recorder
  • SQN 4S / 2S Field Audio Mixers
  • Sennheiser MKH 416 Boom Mic, Rycote Softie, Wind-Jammer, Boom Rod
  • Sennheiser ew500 / 100 series UHF Radio Mics


  • Dedo 400w / 575w
  • Arrisun Par 6k / 4k / 2.5k
  • LED 1ft x 1ft Bi-Colour Lite Panel
  • Kino Flo 4ft x 10 Bank / 4ft x 8 bank / 4 ft x 4 bank
  • Joker Bug 800w Par / 400w Par



  • Quadra Jib (8ft.)
  • Jimmy Jib (40t.)
  • 4�?Slider
  • Matthew DC Slider
  • Lightweight Folding Dolly
  • Apple Boxes
  • Skimmer Frame with Fabric
  • Car Mount

Edit Suite

  • On-location editing on Mac machine(s) with FCP loaded and Editor
  • Studio edit on Mac machine(s) with FCP loaded and Editor


Our Clients